5 Reasons Your Kid Should Learn to Ride a Balance Bike

Balance bikes are essentially bikes without pedals and a chain. As the name implies, children ride them by balancing and pushing themselves along with their feet. They come in many sizes and can include different features, but here are five reasons why balance bikes are a better learning tool for kids learning to ride a bike:

  1. Cost – when determining what type of bike to purchase for your child, consider balancebike2the fact that a balance bike replaces the need to get a tricycle and a small 12” bike with training wheels.  Kids learn to ride a balance bike and move right to a “regular” bike, thus saving money in the long run (and less bikes cluttering up your garage). As an added bonus, the resale price of balance bikes is also usually higher than tricycles and 12” bikes.
  2. Safety – you’ve probably seen a child turn their tricycle handlebars too sharply, lose their balance and end up on the ground. Tricycles and training wheel bikes are also not good on uneven or sloped surfaces since they have a tendency to tip. Overall, balance bikes are much safer than tricycles or training wheel bikes because kids are focused on balancing rather than pedaling, and because they have their feet on the ground the likelihood of falls is greatly reduced. As always, kids should always wear helmets when riding any type of bike, including a balance bike.
  3. Independence – kids who ride balance bikes gain confidence and independence when they realize they don’t need any adult help. Tricycles and training wheel bikes are cumbersome and heavy to push and often require an adult hand to get balancebikestarted. Kids can hop on and off their lighter weight balance bikes and maneuver them more easily than their friends on traditional bikes.

Check out this video of kids riding balance bikes vs. training wheels and you’ll get the idea.

  1. Learn to Ride Sooner – kids who use balance bikes often learn to ride regular bikes sooner than those who use training wheels. It is not unheard of for balance bike riders to start using pedal bikes at 3 or 4 years old as opposed to the usual 5 or 6 years old. And parents will rejoice in saving their backs as their kids transition to a pedal bike without them running alongside, the spills, and the tears.
  2. Fun – let’s face it, today’s kids spend way too much time parked in front of screens. Bikes are fun and the easier and more user-friendly they are, the more likely kids will want to go out and ride them. It’s a win-win!

LoweRiders carries a wide selection of balance bikes in many colors and sizes! For a small fee, they can even convert a traditional pedal bike to a balance bike.

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