Need your edges sharpened, gouges filled, and your board or skis waxed for a smooth & fast season? We got you covered. A complete tune includes P-Tex filling, base grinding, sharpening, stoning, waxing & scraping. That’s all you need to start off the season with confidence.

Wax & Sharpen  | $35

Waxing the surface and sharpening the edges ensures best performance from your board or skis and increases responsiveness on different terrain types.

Hot Wax  | $15

Waxing your skis or snowboard gives you the best ride quality so you can glide through any terrain.

Repair | $20 per inch


-Core Shot

Binding Services

Ski Binding Mount | $70

Ski Binding Adjustment and DIN Setting | $20

Snowboard Binding Mount| $15


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